Mortal Love

DH: Last time I interviewed Mortal Love it was the year 2002 and you had released your first album "All the beauty". What has happenend in the last three years after this release? Why did it take such a long time releasing your new CD "I have lost"?

Lev: Well....we was in a little waiting position after "All the beauty..."(ATB), and got a little laid back. Went to Budapest and Croatia for some gigs, and maby thought that there would be a tour, but it didn't. We did some gigs, and started slowly to work with "I have lost...". (IHL). We finished in July 2004, but when we sent the demo to Massacre, they wanted to do more with the product, and that took some time. We also did a single on "Adoration", and a video, then suddenly it was April 2005.

DH: Still the music of Mortal Love is a mixture between gothic and metal. If you could choose between being a gothic or a metal band, what would be your choice?

Lev: My choice is to be Mortal Love, will all the elements we bring into our music. If I started a new band, it would be a Metal band for sure.

DH: On your new CD "I Have Lost" are again a lot of good songs. How long did it take to record the new album and where did you record it? How did you get in contact with your label Massacre?

Lev: We sent a Demo of ATB to a lot of record labels, and Massacre was the most professional one to answer, and we signed a deal pretty fast. We're very happy that we chose Massacre...they have been fantastic to us.

We recorded it in "Space Valley Studio" in Norway, with the producer Zet from Ram-zet. It took about five weeks to record. We had it all figured out before entering the studio....we thought...until the recording process started, and a lot of changes was our favour.

DH: Mortal Love 2005 seems to me much more melancholic and darker than on your first release. How do get the ideas for those melancholic tunes? Is this something that is deep in your "musical" mind?

Lev: I guess it follows the story pretty close. The story goes on from ATB, but in another stage. The stage the main character is in on IHL is quite dark and furious. We try to mirror that in our music, and manage quite well I hope. I think that when you're in a dark mood, your creativity is at it's best. That's the way it is with myself. When I'm at ease and happy, I make no music at all. That's how it is with the other guy's in the band too. And it would be terrible wrong to promote this kind of story in a happy-go-lucky style.

Someone may think we go around constantly sad, cus our music is that sad. I like to think that when we express our feelings in our music, it's a way to get rid of these feelings.

DH: If you could choose a colour for the sound of your music what colour it would be?

Lev: On IHL definitely BLUE and black. On ATB Red and Black .......

DH: I like very much the song "Existence" on your new album! What is the song about? How do you get the idea for this song?

Lev:'s the end of the story from ATB, and the beginning of the story on IHL. When it comes to what they are all about, I can put it as far as each song is about loss in your life. And IHL starts with the loss of Existence. Then it's up to any listeners to relate to these lyrics as you want them to. But it's the lov-story from ATB that goes on.

DH: CAT, as a singer, you are always in front of the band. Is this always a very special moment for you personally? What do you think about the new songs on the album? Do you enjoy presenting them live on stage?

Cat: To front the band is an honour, because I have great musicians behind me. Personally it's a special feeling to present the lyrics, as they means so much to us. To manage to live out the lyrics on stage, and really become the feelings in each song, gives me very much as a person too. I must say that I like the new songs very much. Not only because they are new, but because they are varied with great vocal lines, and god melodies. I like them very much!!!

DH: How does a new gig from you look like? Will there be a special performance from the band? Can we expect Mortal Love playing live in Germany soon?

Lev: We are developing the new Live set right now. We will try to do a little more than just play the songs. We like to do a little more visualisation of the album, songs and what Mortal Love is all about. What you can expect from Mortal Love live, is a much harder and urging performance than you hear on the album. It's a tremendous feeling playing live, and we strive to play as much as possible for our fans. Germany would be the natural country for us to play, as the market is big there. Also our record company is German, so don't be surprised if we show up in Germany soon.

DH: What are your next plans for the future? Will there be a European tour? Do you plan to record new songs?

Lev: We are playing a couple of gigs in Norway. The biggest music-festival in Norway; Quart-festival. Then we surely hope to go abroad sometime this autumn. That is if the IHL sales allow us to do so.

The songs for the next album are pretty much done. We start rehearsing them these autumn, and hope to go back into the studio and record it early 2006. This also depends on how the touring will turn out.

DH: Thank you for the interview and go on and having fun with Mortal Love. Your final words:

Lev: May be a cliché, but we would really like to come and play all of Germany soon. I've been to Germany several times, and love it there. If enough people in Germany buy our record, it may happen before you know. Thanks to uor true German fans. We really love you, with your honesty and the feelings you share with us. Feel free to join our forum on our website: fell free to take part in the discussions around Mortal Love.....

-Stay Alive-


Interview: Andreas Ohle